Slot Overview: Ocean Hunter

Why are there now so many fish-themed video games to choose from? Slot anglers have had a banner year, what with it seems that every developer and his dogfish is cashing in on the craze. Now that iSoftBet is taking a swing, it makes sense to aim for the big fish at the top of the food chain. At least, that’s what the developers of the online slot game Ocean Hunter must have thought, given the game is themed on great white sharks, or Carcharodon carcharias. Great white sharks are the top predators in the water, therefore they make perfect companions to the Wild Frenzy feature and up to four active game grids in the free spins bonus round of iSoftBet’s Apex Predator series.

While we’re on the topic of top predators, it seems that leopard seals, sperm whales, Atlantic Torpedo Rays, orcas, and polar bears all qualify as top predators as well. Since there have been shark-themed slots in the past, it would have been intriguing, not to mention bold, to see a studio choose another marine mammal as its inspiration. However, Atlantic Torpedo Ray Megaways sounds awkward when said, while Sperm Whale Gold might be seen as sexually suggestive.

So, getting back to Ocean Hunter, I’ll say right off the gate that it’s not nearly as stunning as the first Apex Predator slot, Tyrant King Megaways. While the undersea landscape in the background is nice, the reels themselves appear a touch cheap and the symbols are a little fuzzy. Fish swim about as sunlight seeps through the ceiling. Not horrible, but it seems like iSoftBet didn’t put their best foot forward here.

Sharks appear to be extremely unpredictable organisms, but is this an unfair generalization? Yes or no, Ocean Hunter has a potential return to player value of 95.99%, making it a medium-volatility game. Bets range from 20 pence to £/€20 each spin, and it may be played on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. There are 20 fixed paylines where players may try to land winning combinations of three or more symbols throughout a 5-reel, 3-row gaming area.

The low-paying symbols are shown as thick 10-A card royals and award between one and four times the wager for five-of-a-kind wins. Treasure, a treasure chest, a female adventurer, a man adventurer, and a shark tile (5-50x the stake for five of a type) can be found in the high-paying tiles. The wild symbol, depicted by an additional shark, can substitute for regular paying symbols to complete winning paylines.

Features of Ocean Hunter Slot Machine

Ocean Hunter’s features are vastly different from those of the previous Apex Predator slot, which ran on the Megaways engine. In this game, there are a few different betting options, free spins, and Wild Frenzies that players may look out for.

Crazed Outburst

As an added feature, Wild Frenzy occasionally has sharks assault the reels. When sharks land on the reels, the symbols adjacent to them become wild. When multiple sharks attack the same symbol, the multiplier for that symbol’s wins rises by one all the way up to a maximum of five.

Bet with More Bait

When the Extra Bait Bet is engaged, a virtual half-worm is added to the hook. Simply said, there will be a greater probability of triggering the Wild Frenzy if the wager is increased by 50%.

Bonus Turns

Three radar bonus symbols appearing on reels 1, 3, and 5 triggers fifteen free games. After gaining access, the game switches to one of four reel settings, each with its own set of 20 paylines. When the bonus round begins, just one set of reels will be in play, while the other three will remain stationary. If an oxygen tank sign appears during a free spin, it is collected and used. After 10, 20, or 30 oxygen tanks have been gathered, respectively, Reel Sets 2, 3, and 4 become available. For the duration of the remaining free spins, reels 5, then reels 4 and 5, then reels 3, 4, and 5 on each reel set become wild.

Purchase Option

Players may have the option to purchase the feature immediately, rather from having to wait for the three scatter symbols to appear. If it appears, you may click it and spend 100 times your original wager to activate 10 free games.

Slots Decision in Ocean Hunter

The quality of the games seems to have dropped between Ocean Hunter and Tyrant Gold Megaways, despite the fact that it was still fun to play through. Ocean Hunter might serve as an alternative for scuba divers who don’t get to the ocean very often. Since the diving analogy was a stretch, the game could appeal to players who are very skilled with quad grid configurations. Otherwise, there isn’t much else in Ocean Hunter to go bananas about. It has a mediocre design, feels like iSoftBet didn’t use their A-team developers, and has a predictable feel despite some novel features.

Some of Ocean Hunter’s many redeeming qualities. The Wild Frenzy feature can become rather frenetic, and the opportunity to increase the reels’ wild multipliers is always welcome. Wild reels during free spins are a novel feature that adds value. If having wild reels on one grid is exciting, having them on up to four grids simultaneously may be exactly what you need to keep the excitement continuing. It’s true that it’s quite a sight to see a large, toothed wild shark covering four grid matrices on reels 3, 4, and 5. Having all three reels be wild can also greatly assist players in unlocking the game’s full potential.

Ocean Hunter was a mediocre game overall, yet those with a penchant for sharks could find it more appealing. With all the hype surrounding Ocean Hunter’s sharp, pointed fangs and mention of apex predators, we were hoping for a more aggressive and exciting experience than what we got.






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